Friday, November 20, 2009

The Pickchoose

Every night at bathtime, Random plays with her toys in the tub. A few minutes from washing her up, I go in and tell her it's time, and she asks, "Pickchoose?"

If you'll recall, Gamble used to say something similar every time he wanted to communicate that he wanted to make a choice. He used to say, "Me pick, me choose!" Random has this down as pickchoose, and we only really do it one time of the day, during bathtime.

What I do is, I go to the closet where we keep all her jammies and pick two out that she can wear, based on weather. I try to cycle in her favorites first.

Then I stand by the bathroom door and say, "Ok, tonight you can choose either the long purple dress or the polka-dot footie pajamas."

Then she makes the pickchoose.

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