Saturday, October 25, 2008


Gamble and I were wandering around Walgreens waiting for a prescription to be filled.  Eventually, I started looking up front at the iPod speakers and docks as maybe an easy way to get some tunes going in the bathroom.  Gamble was sitting in the cart, playing Lego Star Wars on the DS.

He looked up at me and asked, "Daddie, are we *still* in this store?"  He hates to shop, and gets so engrossed in the game, I think he forgets where he is.

Before I have the chance to answer, he sees what I'm looking for and in exasperation asks
 "Daddie, When do I get an iPod?"

I was thinking that it was because Nic and I have phones, and he feels like he wants one too, so I asked, "Do you want an iPod?"

"Of course I do!  Everyone in my class has one! My kindergarten class."

Ok, I was agog and aghast.  iPods in kindergarten?  Everyone has to happen?  Peer pressure and status symbols at his age?  Holy to the shizfit!  

True calm, this Jedi Daddie maintained.

"Gamble, What would you do with an iPod?"

"I'd listen to music."

Ok, so this is really fishy.  He doesn't listen to music, and has never really showed an interest.  My mind races.  What's his class listening to?  PCD?  Nelly Furtado?  Akon?  Nickelback?  Fergie?

Instead, I ask, "Really, what kind of music?"  

I should have known before I heard the answer, "Star Wars music!"  

Of course.  Guess we should get him a - wait for it - Jedi-Pod instead.  Sorry.  No, really.  Couldn't resist that one.  Really really sorry.  Sometimes you use the force, but in Soviet Russia, force uses you!

Daddie's Girl

So Random's never been a Daddie's girl.  Until now.  I think it's because I've been so involved with her lately, taking her to and from day care, playing more with her, and when Nic was so sick, bathing her and putting her to bed.

We have a new bathtime routine now.  We listen to Justin Roberts's "Great Big Sun" CD on the iPhone (still the single greatest device I've ever purchased).  We sing along to the title track first, then listen to "If you got 1", singing along and holding up our fingers as we count up to five with the song.  When we start listening to the third song, "Everything Else Starts with E", we get washed up.

After that, we dress her, take her in and rock her in the rocking glider in her room to get her calmed down.  When she reaches for the bed, she's done.  We pop in her Razzbaby teether, which she's taken to since we took away the bottles, and down she goes.  Cover her up and turn on her crib music.  Most nights, it's as easy as that.

This Mommie can attest that it's not that easy through the night though.  She's been waking up a lot, with all the illnesses.

But still, I'm happy that my little Pobbes is coming to me more and more.  I'm glad to be able to play with her more, and I'm excited to be part of her bedtime routine now and again.


Gamble and I were just reading, and he's doing so well.  Other than pronouncing "Percival" as "Pervical", making me think of both "perverse" and "cervical".

The pinnacle was when I watched on as he sounded out the word brilliant, announcing it triumphantly, as if he were in a Guinness commercial.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pabu Pox

Day care. With a vengeance.

Pabu hasn't had a great day care experience. Since starting day care, she's had 5th Disease, Walking Pneumonia (she still has), and yesterday she came down with the pox. Yep, the chicken pox.

So she's going to be home for a while. In a couple weeks, G will have new spots, and have to be home from school.

I told Nic to lay in the Kool-aid and Mac and Cheese, for all the Pox Parties she's about to have.

As an aside, sorry I've not blogged lately. We've been overwhelmed recently. Last weekend, I ran my first official 5k. You can see my results at and see my picture at brightroom (search for bib number157). Warning: it's not a flattering picture.