Thursday, April 17, 2008

Babysitter Down

Another from Mommie:

"Well, I think I may be losing my babysitter. No, not Hi-5; Random still loves that.

For months, Gamble has happily climbed in Random's crib when she cries in the morning and entertains her until I get up. Sometimes this is as little as 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes. Either way, it's been a godsend, especially on those mornings where I have been up all night with Princess and need a little extra shuteye.

Today was a different story.

G went to Princess, but after about 2 minutes, I hear him leave. This is not unusual. If he leaves, it's only briefly and it's to get a toy or even the DS to play with in her crib.

Today, however, he left, and there was no sign of him going back. I decided that was my cue to get up. Princess began yelling, so there was no way that I could sleep any longer. While getting breakfast, I asked G why he left.

He answered simply, "It's boring. I didn't want to stay in there any longer. I can't do it, Mom!"

Oh no! I've lost my babysitter. Thankfully, she is sleeping through the night... mostly.

Pig Ride

Again, from Mommie (she's got all the good stories these days):

Gamble, naked, was talking this morning about the new orientation of his room and explaining that it's not his favorite. All of a sudden, he sees Greenie on the floor in our room and picks it up and exclaims "I'm gonna give Greenie a pig ride!" and starts snorting like a pig.

The Question

From Mommie, in the "oh-dear-not-yet" department:

It's 7am and the kids are up early, again. And this Momma wasn't very happy to be up, let alone serving breakfast and talking. I certainly wasn't prepared to get the question. I had served breakfast to Gamble (his usual, waffles with syrup) and was cutting up a waffle for Princess when G starts talking. Usually, I can throw a "hmmm, hmmm" and an "uh huh" at him and buy some time. Not this particular morning.

G: Mommie, where did I come from?

Me (internal dialogue): Oh no, why is he playing games with me? It's only 7 a.m.! Hm. Ok, I've got the answer.

Me (aloud): What do you mean, Gamble? You came from your room.

G: No. Where did I come from?

Me (internal): Oh crap. Here it is. Kevin! This was supposed to be your discussion.

Me (aloud) Um, well... You came from my belly. Is that what you are asking?

G: Yes, Mommie. Can I have a little boy?

Me: No. Only Mommies can have the babies.

G: Well, how do I do that?

Me (internal): (Oh, dear god, it's 7 a.m. and I was not expecting this and so I so do not have an answer prepared to tell him)

Me (aloud): Well, like Daddie, you need to find a girl that you love very much and who you want to be the Mommie of your babies. Then together, you guys will make a baby but she will be the one to carry the baby in her belly until it's able to live on it's own.

A few minutes pass, it was clear that he was thinking about it further. Time to move on.

Me: Now, c'mon. Finish your waffles, we have to get going.

And with that, it was over. Whew. I have a day or so to think about my next set of responses. The time has come folks. Gamble is an enquiring mind, and enquiring minds want to know.


Check out the angle he's working now:

Gamble: Mom, you are the best Mommie ever.

Nicole: Really, G, why?

G: Well, when I'm a good boy, you give me treats or special things. And yesterday, I was a great boy and you didn't give me anything special.

N: Well, G, you got sent to your room yesterday 4 times. How could I give you a treat?

G: Well, you said you would and I was a good boy. It was just my behavior that wasn't good.

N: Yes, it was just your behavior that was bad. You are definitely a great boy!

Nice, huh? Time to go fishing, because he's definitely an angler...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

All Things Poofy

Random sure is a character. We see more character every day, in fact.

One of the things she's been doing for a long time is snuggling up to pillows. She doesn't really lie on them long (except overnight), but every time she sees a pillow, she'll do whatever it takes to crawl, cruise, or roll over to the pillow, just to bury her face in the cool side.

This morning, I was putting away a whole bunch of blankets and comfortors around her, and I was folding them up and putting them on the ground. It was extremely amusing to see her crawl around and bury her face into every blanket in turn as her internal mandate required.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Reading the Next Frontier

Nicole texted me today (okay, I still admit, that word wrankles as a verb) to say that Gamble’s now reading off the DS.

It occurred to me as I read this that an era has passed. It’s different when everything your child internalizes is verbal, so that all the words that he processes are explicit, mostly heard and can be overheard. That he is reading means that he’s going to be exposed, silently, to all new ideas. No longer will I really need to explain the plots of games to him.

He will no longer need my help to find out what’s going on in lots of ways.

He’s on the edge of expanding his imagination beyond anything he’s learned before, and at this point, I believe this is when his imagination and intelligence will be begin to grow and diverge from ours. He will be able to read about his interests, play games, be more influenced by advertising, and so on. If he decides to branch out into horticulture, his knowledge will quickly surpass mine, and in this way, he becomes himself, an individual.

In a way, I’m saddened, but in another, and more important way, I’m ecstatic. I’m charged up at his possibilities and immensely proud of him.

The Grand Pahboo

Well, I suppose I couldn’t have held off forever. I have started referring to my baby girl by a nickname.

Of course, it’s not one I came up with. She did.

She has liked playing peekaboo for a long time, and since she’s not talking that much yet, she could only say, “Pabu!” – like what you’d get if you took the word Poobah and inverted it.

As in, “Where’s the baby?”


So that’s what I call her. She’s my little Pabu. But only while she’s little…

Friday, April 4, 2008

Taking Care of Sissy

From Mommie:

"Both kids have stuffy and runny noses today. While I was scheduling Doctors appointments, G came running through the bedroom to the bathroom. When I asked what he was doing, he replied with "I gotta help Sissy. Her nose is running."

"Later on, after her nap, I asked G to go sit with her while I take my shower. He agreed and held her in his arms while she drank her bottle. Have you ever heard of such a thing?"


From Mommie:

"So, while G was having lunch today, he was going on and on about how much he loves me and how he loves me more than I love him.

"Since this is something that he has been doing for awhile, I didn't argue with him; instead, I reassured him that I love him very much, too.

"Anyway, he was telling me that I was such a good Mommie that he was going to make sure that, from now on, that he was going to get me flowers from the store every time he goes with Daddie. So sweet, right? Then, he said that he is going to do the same thing when Random gets bigger because he loves her so much too.

"What a sweet kid. Is he back?"

Daddie notes: Yes. This is an older blog. I think he's most definitely back. He's had a great couple of weeks.