Saturday, October 24, 2009

On Testing

So we just found out Gamble is getting further testing for advanced placement in his class. He's doing very well in his studies, despite being two years younger than most of his peers, and they do something like a gifted program starting in third grade that they get standardized testing for in second grade.

Funny how this early life testing affects the entire arc of your life. According to some of the testing, he's 99th percentile in math, and 80th percentile in reading. He's got an incredible vocabulary, and can figure out most words, but just like me, comprehension is lacking.

I hear what you're saying... I just don't get it.

Smart Boy

From Grammie:

Last night in talking with Gamble on the phone (doing math facts), Gamble once again amazed us with his knowledge and speed at solving math problems.

Example: We asked him 3 x 5 plus 550, and he had the answer within seconds, and of course it was right!

We asked him who else knows how smart he is and he replied, ”Well, apparently Mommie and Daddie, Random, Grammie and GrandBear, and I guess probably Emma.”

He is something, and he loves the challenges, and he is able to explain how he arrives at the correct answers. It is amazing!

Gamble K. Davis

It's been long known that I always use my middle initial. I've been “Kevin P. Davis” since high school. Gamble's doing the same thing.

When he does his cub scout pledge, it's “I, Gamble K. Davis, promise to do my best to do my duty to God and my country.” I never expected it so soon. I wonder how long it will be before he starts going by gkd...

Mommie Not Impressed

So last night we got to go out to the Paramount Theater in Aurora to see the political humor stylings of the Capitol Steps. This time their show was “Obama Mia”. It's always good to get out, and any chance to go to the theater is good times for me.

Except babysitting has always been an issue for us. Kayla, our neighbor behind our house, is wonderful with the kids. She plays games with them, both fun and educational. She's very smart and good-hearted.

Last night, we got home at 11:30, and as Nicole pulled into the garage, she saw Kayla peek out and vanish. When she got in, Gamble and Kayla were in his room, and the kitchen table was covered with wrappers of candy, potato chips, soda. Looked like a kiddie jamboree had gone through.

Needless to say, Mommie was not impressed with the party. Some estimates put Gamble at having eight pieces of chocolate, a personal record. Kids will be kids, but man, that's a lot of Hershey...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something Alright

Tonight, Random took the Wiggles guitar away from him.

"Daddie! Show you. Something."

And she pressed a button and said, "Ike dis!"

Strumming the guitar, she smiled, so very pleased with herself. I'm so amazed at her verbal growth explosion. She sure showed me something alright.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Cub

We've always called Gamble "the cub." Even after that moniker wore out its welcome with him, we still call him that.

And it's come full circle and is now appropriate again. Gamble has joined Scouts. As a second grader, he's starting as a Wolf Cub, but will work his way up. He has his first den meeting tonight.

When we get a picture of him in uniform or anything else, we'll send on an update. Also, they're doing the traditional cub scout popcorn sale, so if anyone out there wants to support Gamble's membership by ordering some popcorn, feel free to get in contact with me or Nicole.

I'm so proud of our little scout!

Ho Cake

For the longest time, we thought it was super cute when Random would talk about Strawberry Shortcake, since she called her "Bee-Bee Cake-Cake." It's changed. Now that she's hearing and talking more clearly, though, she's getting closer to "Shortcake."

Now whenever she refers to her, we often hear her yell, "Bee-Bee Hoooooo Cake!"

I think that's altogether a different series: B.B. Johnson and the Ho Cake.