Monday, January 19, 2009

Dinner and a Movie

Gamble and Emma went to McDonalds playland today. After they had lunch, went to the movies. We joked that grandbear is chaperoning his first date.



Tubes successfully installed.

Random is recovering very well. We thought she'd be wobbly, but quite the opposite.

Could be my imagination, but she's been jabbering all day. She's been communicating her desires clearly, saying her words more clearly.

Today she managed to communicate that I had to wear my glove on my right hand, and I could wear my left one, except when she wanted it, and then she had first dibbs.

Oh, and she kicked me off the TV because it's surgery day and she wanted to watch Strawberry Shortcake, which is now her favorite in the world. She doesn't watch it always, but if she sees it's not on, here she comes bup-bup-bup with the DVD in hand saying "cake-cake".

Oh and you wouldn't know she had surgery this morning for all the dancing she's doing. Dancing and now doing somersaults. Over and over. Grammie helped her do it once and she kept coming back saying "'gain!"

The Girls Have Landed

We want to welcome and wish happy birthday to our three new triplet nieces, Samantha, Abigail, and Lauren Metzger.

I don't have all the details, but it sounds like they're doing really well for being so preemie (28 weeks, I think).

Friday, January 16, 2009

More Baby Girl Notables.

In addition to walking more and talking more, here's a few more Random tidbits:

1) She's in a big girl bed now. About a week ago, she simply screamed at bedtime and refused to lie down in her crib. When offered the floor, she took the floor. We set up the day bed in her room, and she's doing very well.

2) She's quite the dancer. They were on a playdate the other day, and the little girl there takes all kinds of dance lessons. When Random was there, they put in one of the instructional tapes, and Random copied every move. I didn't see it myself, but Nicole said it was absolutely amazing.

3) She gets a lot of ear infections. Just like Gamble did. And Monday morning, our dear little princess goes in to get tubes installed in her ears. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. If it's anything like how his went, she'll be running, jumping, and talking a blue streak before you know it.

4) She pukes. Oh man, tonight did she ever. Luckily, she's still in a high chair and that contained most of the funchunks, but still. Yuck.


Gamble does some strange things. The other night at the dinner table, he starts clapping in some weird awkward rhythm.

He looks across the table at me and says, "Daddie? Do you recognize that song?"



"Um. No."

"C'mon, Daddie. It's from Star Wars. You must recognize it."

"Um... Hm. Duel of the Fates?"


"I give up."

"It's the Darth Vader music! Now... which episode?"

Ah. Star Wars trivia taken one step too far...

Nan-num and Bubbles

So we're getting a lot of interesting material from Pabu, and I've been very remiss in sharing. I thought I would take a couple minutes tonight to catch folks up.

Random has really started communicating. "Peezh" for please. "Mo" for more. The requisites, Mommie, Daddie, baby, etc. Sometimes she even gets out a few words in a row that communicate more meaning. "Nana, Mo!" for more banana. "Pappy Momma" for happy to see Mommie.

And her own name. She calls herself Nan-num. It's not a lazy "nannum" (all run together). There's a definite inflection, close to Nan-yum or Nan-ym. That's what she says when you ask her what her name is (if she doesn't just mimic you by saying "ame is."

In fact, she does that a lot. She'll take the last syllable or couple syllables of what you said and repeat them to you. Very cute.

And poor Gamble. He wants to love her so much, and she just shuts him down and turns him away. Worse still, she's taken to calling him Bubbles, her best interpretation of his name.