Friday, November 13, 2009

Busting the Bear

From the Chief:

"Two nights ago I got busted by Gamble!

"Whenever Gamble asks me a question that he believes I should know, I grab the computer and quickly look it up. Well, we were talking about one of his favorites, Star Wars, and the question he posed was 'GrandBear, what was the title of Episode 3?'

"I did my best to stall while I fired up the Google browser and while it was loading, Gamble said: '...and GrandBear,
don't go looking it up on the computer.'

"The jig was up. I realized that he's on to me, and I was busted! I was caught off guard. I was amazed and impressed at the same time. Nice job Gamble! The bigger question is how long has he known that I was looking the details up on the computer and what prompted him this time to indirectly tell me he knew?"

(Daddie: Ed - I didn't give the bear away. I have no idea how Gamble would have twigged to the ruse.)

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